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Armed with weapons-grade hot takes and an eye on the issues in the sports world, your team of all-women sport fans dig into how to Play Like a Girl. Hosted by UW sports reporter Alexis Mansanarez and produced by Podcast Editor Alex Bruell, featuring analysis and discussion of what’s new in the sports world at the UW and beyond. Comes out Fridays.

Hosted by Alexis Mansanarez (@almansanarez), Hailey Robinson (@haileyarobin), Susana Machado (@smacha1995), Molly Quinton (@molly_quinton), and Gabby Jackson (@GJacksonDailyUW).

Ep. 2: Ice Ice … maybe?

On episode 2 of Play Like a Girl, the team will discuss the leaving of women’s basketball coach Mike Neighbors, the NCAA’s concept of amateurism and the plight of student-athletes and money, and the NHL’s decision to not let players compete in the 2018 winter Olympics.

Originally published April 5, 2017.

Ep. 1: Beyond Romar

On the first episode, we’ll get an update on this weekend’s upcoming UW gymnastics meet. Next, Hailey leads a discussion about pay and resource equality in US hockey. Then, Susana will open the floor on the future of the UW men’s basketball team post-Romar. Finally, Hailey breaks down the news out of the University of North Dakota and their sudden shuttering of their women’s hockey team.

Originally published March 29, 2017.