Ep. 10 The Art of CSE

Karishma and Aishwarya Mandyam are sisters who are both studying CSE at the University of Washington. Their passion and drive to pursue what they call “an art” demonstrates the versatility in CSE. The two share their journey in CSE and encourage women, men, and everyone in between to follow pursuit if it’s what they want to do.

Retrospective Review-The Red Shoes

On this episode of the Cinemadventure podcast, Aidan and Blake disscuss directors Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger’s film “The Red Shoes” from 1948. The boys discuss their anxiety about watching classic films, Aidan fills us in on the original fairy tale, and Blake discusses contemporary film in relation to “The Red Shoes.”

Movies recommended on this week’s episode:

I Know Where I’m Going

Black Narcissus

Black Swan

To Catch a Thief

Next week’s movie: Dead Poets Society

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The song that everybody knows from “Swan Lake”

Ep.2 – Another Montlake Jake?

The crew welcomes their first guest to the podcast, sports editor of the Daily Josh Kirshenbaum to discuss topics such as the College Football National Championship, the Seahawks coaching exodus, whether Draymond Green has a point about referee/player strife, and on all the Montlake Jakes in the UW quarterback room.


Sexual Health in the New Year

Christine McManigal is back with her new host Chelsea Leingang where they give you your sexual health resolutions. On this episode, we talk about self exams, the most common STIs, and the sexual health report card for the best and worst colleges in the nation

Retrospective Review-My Man Godfrey

On this episode of the Cinemadventure podcast,  Aidan and Blake discuss Gregory La Cava’s 1936 comedy “My Man Godfrey.” Blake uses some colorful analogies to describe the characters, and Aidan questions Muppet physics.

Movies recommended on this week’s episode:


Burn After Reading

Twentieth Century

Bringing Up Baby

The Lady Eve

Next week’s movie: The Red Shoes

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My Man Godfrey Blooper Reel

“You Must Remember This” Episode on Carole Lombard

Ep.1 – Welcome to The Box Seat Podcast

Chris Angkico, Alec Dietz, and Andy Yamashita tackle their first episode, where they discuss the Huskies loss in the Fiesta Bowl and the UW basketball team’s latest trip to L.A. Later in the episode they break down their picks for the upcoming wildcard round of the NFL playoffs and discuss the latest in the NBA and various soccer leagues.

Belly Feat. Hana Tadesse

In this episode of the Cinemadventure podcast, Aidan and Blake are joined by Hana Tadesse from the Sayless podcast to talk about Hype William’s 1998 film “Belly”. Hana recalls a story about seeing DMX in concert, Blake defends his love of pickles, and Aidan tries to hold the show together.

Listen to Hana on Sayless here

Movies recommended on this week’s episode:


Chungking Express

La Haine

The Spirit

Being John Malkovich

Under the Skin

Paid in Full


Baby Boy

Next week’s movie: My Man Godfrey

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Retrospective Review-White Christmas

On this episode of the Cinemadventure podcast, Aidan and Blake talk about Michael Cutiz’s 1954 film “White Christmas.” The boys workshop a new title for the film, discuss the problematic nature of the film, and talk about the benefits and drawbacks of tonal shifts. Thank you for joining us for our last episode of 2017! See you next year!

Movies recommended on this week’s episode:

Singing’ In The Rain


Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

High Society

Next week’s movie: Belly

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Meet next week’s guest, Hana! Listen to SAYLESS

The cast of Spongebob does classic Cinema

Listen to us in our guest appearance on Home Plates!

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

On this episode of the Cinemadventure podcast, Aidan and Blake vacation in a galaxy far, far, away to discuss the most recent entry into the Star Wars franchise; Rian Johnson’s “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.” The boys talk spoilers, Star Wars fan vitriol, and how The Last Jedi challenges expectations.

Movies recommended on this week’s episode:

Sahara (1943)

The Bridge on the River Kwai

To Catch A Thief

Forbidden Planet


Next week’s movie: White Christmas

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Netflix and Chill

In the Season One finale of Pillow Talk, Christine McManigal is joined by Chelsea Leingang as they divulge their best and worst dates as well as a few ideas for the everyday cash strapped college kid. Christine also announces her cohost for Season Two