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Armed with weapons-grade hot takes and an eye on the issues in the sports world, your team of all-women sport fans dig into how to Play Like a Girl. Hosted by UW sports reporter Alexis Mansanarez and produced by Podcast Editor Alex Bruell, featuring analysis and discussion of what’s new in the sports world at the UW and beyond. Comes out Fridays.

Hosted by Alexis Mansanarez (@almansanarez), Hailey Robinson (@haileyarobin), Susana Machado (@smacha1995), Molly Quinton (@molly_quinton), and Gabby Jackson (@GJacksonDailyUW).

Ep. 21: To hire or not to hire

This week on Play Like a Girl, Hailey, Gabby, and Molly discuss gender roles and uniforms in sports, Tennessee’s almost new head coach, as well as Sam Darnold’s possible return to USC. To wrap things up, Hailey teaches the girls how the NHL Draft works in their penultimate episode

Ep. 19: Trades, Marriages, and Other Binding Agreements

This week, Hailey, Molly, and Gabby talk about xenophobia that still exists in the NHL with regards to its European players, baseball players that almost got married during the world series, and the year long trades in the NHL.

Ep. 18: Take me out to the ball game

This week, Hailey, Molly and Gabby discuss all things baseball in lieu of the World Series, from the MLB’s lack of urgency with racism to superstition and curses amongst teams. Disclaimer, this episode was recorded before the World Series had finished this week.

Ep. 16: Sports Journalists are people, too

This week on Play Like a Girl, Hailey, Molly, and Gabby discuss Jemele Hill, Barstool sports and sports journalists advocating for their freedom of speech on media platforms. We also discuss Colin Kaepernick’s grievance against the NFL, and who could replace Aaron Rodgers

Ep. 15: It’s like I have ESPN or something

On This week’s episode, we discuss the controversy surrounding the Pittsburgh Penguins visit to the White House, Cam Newton’s comment towards a female reporter, and ESPN’s apparent feud with Husky Football

Ep. 14: The Return

Returning Hosts Molly Quinton, Hailey Robinson, and new host Gabby Jackson kick off UW fall sports with commentary on #takeaknee, corruption with the NCAA and its sponsors, and hot takes on football players’ missing dreadlocks.

Ep. 13: End of an Era

On the final summer episode of Play Like a Girl, we’ll talk about the dangers of CTE for football players and the strange case of the Atlanta Falcons’ new Chick-fil-A. Next, we’ll talk about how white supremacists from Detroit used the Red Wings logo in the Charlottesville rally, and how the Golden State Warriors have decided to treat the Trump White House. Then: why doesn’t Colin Kaepernick have a job? Why does the NFL continue to fail?

This is Alexis and Susanas’ last episode hosting, and Alex’s last episode producing! Check back in the Fall when Hailey will be leading the team alongside Molly and Gabby.

Hosted this week by Alexis Mansanarez (@almansanarez), Hailey Robinson (@haileyarobin), and Susana Machado (@smacha1995).