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One of the best ways to learn about a culture is by learning about their food. Home Plates is a podcast that aims to connect people through food. Each episode will feature an international student who will share the food culture from their country. Recorded and produced by DD Madigan (@grace_madigan19) Home Plates is always looking for new guests — send a DM or email for more information.

Looking For the Long Queues

Home Plates dives into the international city of Hong Kong. Host DD Madigan talks about dim sum again and guest Mingxin Ren recalls trying to eat a burrito with chopsticks.
Restaurants recommended this episode:
Jade Garden
Harbor City

Chilean Hot Dogs

In this episode of Home Plates, DD Madigan talks Chilean food with her guest Maricarmen Andrea Josefina Guerra Paris. They discuss seafood, baked goods, the Chilean twist on hot dogs, and why you should never be early to a Chilean dinner.


Home Plates- So…Do You Like Mangoes?

In our second episode featuring India, Amey Kanse joins us in the studio to talk about the similarities between his home town Mumbai and NYC. Stay tuned to find out his tips on finding authentic Indian food, and how you can begin to cook your own Indian food!

Restaurants recommended in this episode:

Bengal Tiger

Taste of India

Aahaar “An Indian Eatery”

Home Plates-Dim Sum, Szechuan Spice, and American Hash Browns

In the second episode of Home Plates, Jenny Wu talks about food from Zhengzhou, China. DD and Jenny discuss Jenny’s fondness for American hash browns, how much she enjoys spicy foods, and her dad’s soup.

The Spice Makes All the Difference feat. Richa Ahuja

In the first episode of Home Plates, host DD Madigan sits down to talk with Richa Ahuja, an international student from New Delhi. Ahuja discusses the difference between northern and southern Indian cuisine, and reminisces about the diversity of mangoes in her home country.

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