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One of the best ways to learn about a culture is by learning about their food. Home Plates is a podcast that aims to connect people through food. Each episode will feature an international student who will share the food culture from their country. Recorded and produced by DD Madigan (@grace_madigan19) Home Plates is always looking for new guests — send a DM or email for more information.

Palestinian Awareness – Maintaining culture through food

In recognition of Palestinian Awarenss Week put on by the UW student group SUPER, Amira Mattar discusses Palestinian culture and food. Amira describes the political situation for Palestinians and why food is so essential to maintaining culture. Here is a link to the Facebook event page to find out the events going on these last couple of days:

Year of the Dog

Christine McManigal shares her family’s Chinese New Year traditions and advises DD on what she should make for her own Lunar New Year dinner.
Restaurants recs:
-Jade Garden (again)
-Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot
-T & T Seafood Restaurant

The Wonders of Fish Sauce, Banh mi, and Pho

A child of two Vietnamese immigrants, May Nguyen discusses classic Vietnamese dishes and DD provides some background on the origins of pho that she researched from a website called
Restaurant Recs:
Saigon Deli
Ba Bar
Pho Tran Brothers

Home Plates 2017 Holiday Special

In the season 1 finale of Home Plates, DD is joined by podcast hosts Aidan Walker and Blake Peterson from the Cinemadventure podcast, and Christine McManigal of Pillow Talk to discuss their own holiday food traditions.

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Iran: Nor Eastern, nor Western, nor Arab

Sameem Norooz joins DD in the studio to talk all about Persian food. Norooz breaks down the differences between Arabic food and Persian food and shares some of his favorite dishes and why he loves Persian food so much.

Recommended places:

-Persepolis Grill

-Caspian Grill

-Zeitoon Grill

Pineapple -The Colonial Fruit

This week is all about Hawaiian food. Tiffany Tang and Natalie Bruecher join DD in the studio to talk about local island cuisine and also Indigenous foods of the Hawaiian islands.
Recommended restaurants:
45th Stop N Shop & Poke Bar
Kona Kitchen

We Like Our Sausages

Home Plate’s very first European guest Bety Mehide explains what exactly Estonian food is. DD Madigan and Bety discuss black bread, drinking culture, and an Estonian Christmas tradition that involves sleigh rides.​

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