Home Plates-Dim Sum, Szechuan Spice, and American Hash Browns

In the second episode of Home Plates, Jenny Wu talks about food from Zhengzhou, China. DD and Jenny discuss Jenny’s fondness for American hash browns, how much she enjoys spicy foods, and her dad’s soup.

Ep. 5 Soccer Fanatic to Education Enthusiast

A full-time bio-engineering student juggling volunteer work and a job as a yoga instructor, Kai Ooi gets candid about her journey through her chosen STEM field of bioengineering. She discusses how she prioritized her education over her soccer career back when she was a student at Seattle University.

The Spice Makes All the Difference feat. Richa Ahuja

In the first episode of Home Plates, host DD Madigan sits down to talk with Richa Ahuja, an international student from New Delhi. Ahuja discusses the difference between northern and southern Indian cuisine, and reminisces about the diversity of mangoes in her home country.

Unhealthy Relationships

On Pillow Talk’s kickoff episode, we join Christine McManigal and her guest Chelsea Leingang as they discuss the emotional and physical abuse they’ve faced in their past relationships as well as how unhealthy modern day relationships have become.


Mild Mannered Reporters: The Jack Kirby Special

Join writers Sarah Corn, Shahbaz Khan, and Sierra Stella as they talk about comics news, comic books, and comics history.

This issue: summer superhero movies, Joss Whedon scandal, Inhumans, Jack “The King” Kirby.

Hero of the Week: Mister Miracle

Ep. 13: End of an Era

On the final summer episode of Play Like a Girl, we’ll talk about the dangers of CTE for football players and the strange case of the Atlanta Falcons’ new Chick-fil-A. Next, we’ll talk about how white supremacists from Detroit used the Red Wings logo in the Charlottesville rally, and how the Golden State Warriors have decided to treat the Trump White House. Then: why doesn’t Colin Kaepernick have a job? Why does the NFL continue to fail?

This is Alexis and Susanas’ last episode hosting, and Alex’s last episode producing! Check back in the Fall when Hailey will be leading the team alongside Molly and Gabby.

Hosted this week by Alexis Mansanarez (@almansanarez), Hailey Robinson (@haileyarobin), and Susana Machado (@smacha1995).

Ep. 4: Stay Woke

To shake things up a bit, this podcast is a conversation between Anni Hong, an economics and psychology major and Eric de Winter, an electrical engineering major. The two discuss what women in STEM means to them and the root of the issues regarding women in STEM, and ways in which change can be implemented.

Originally published May 30, 2017.