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The Box Seat Podcast is your look into Husky Athletics and all things sports related, hosted by your sports writers, Chris Angkico, Alec Dietz, and Andy Yamashita. Tune in every Friday afternoon for your sports hot takes and more.
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Ep.2 – Another Montlake Jake?

The crew welcomes their first guest to the podcast, sports editor of the Daily Josh Kirshenbaum to discuss topics such as the College Football National Championship, the Seahawks coaching exodus, whether Draymond Green has a point about referee/player strife, and on all the Montlake Jakes in the UW quarterback room.


Ep.1 – Welcome to The Box Seat Podcast

Chris Angkico, Alec Dietz, and Andy Yamashita tackle their first episode, where they discuss the Huskies loss in the Fiesta Bowl and the UW basketball team’s latest trip to L.A. Later in the episode they break down their picks for the upcoming wildcard round of the NFL playoffs and discuss the latest in the NBA and various soccer leagues.