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Let’s talk about sex, dating, and all that’s in-between. Join Podcast Editor Christine McManigal (@clmcman) and Zackary Bonser (@ZackaryBonser) as they interview guests and discuss topics that range from favorite sex toys to more serious issues like abuse in committed relationships. On Pillow Talk, nothing is censored and we’re discovering just how far we can push the envelope.

Pillow Talk is a weekly podcast that airs every Wednesday. Follow @UWPillowTalk for more gossip

Sexual Health in the New Year

Christine McManigal is back with her new host Chelsea Leingang where they give you your sexual health resolutions. On this episode, we talk about self exams, the most common STIs, and the sexual health report card for the best and worst colleges in the nation

Netflix and Chill

In the Season One finale of Pillow Talk, Christine McManigal is joined by Chelsea Leingang as they divulge their best and worst dates as well as a few ideas for the everyday cash strapped college kid. Christine also announces her cohost for Season Two

Unhealthy Relationships

On Pillow Talk’s kickoff episode, we join Christine McManigal and her guest Chelsea Leingang as they discuss the emotional and physical abuse they’ve faced in their past relationships as well as how unhealthy modern day relationships have become.